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This site contains weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes. Forecast. Cancer So, The last year of the Teenies and the bridge to the Twenties – a decade that will . High points: 10 March; 3 June; 19 October; 12 November; 26 December.

The entire sign or rasi rising in the east at the given local mean-time of birth or query is the first house or the Lagna. With the Rasi-chakra moving towards the East the count of signs or houses is from the eastern horizon, and their duration differs from latitude to latitude. The Ayanamsa is the distance between the Hindu first point of the Zodiac i. Zero degree Aries, and the Vernal Equinox, measured at an epoch.

There are four sets of trikonasthanas Trines. The first set comprises the 1st house or the lagna, the 5th house which is also a succeedent house or a panapara and the 9th house which is also a cadent house or an apoklima , which three are the trinal houses of righteousness and form the Dharma-trikona. The second set comprises the 2nd house which is a succeedent house , the 6th house which is a cadent house and an upachayasthana and the 10th house which is a quadrant i.


The third set comprises the 3rd house which is a cadent house and an upachayasthana , the 7th house which is a quadrant or a kendra and the 11th house which is a succeedent house and an upachayasthana , which are the trinal houses for sensual enjoyments and form the Kama-trikona. The fourth set comprises the 4th house which is a quadrant or a kendra , the 8th house which is a succeedent house and the 12th house which is a cadent house , which three are the trinal houses for final emancipation and form the Moksha-trikona. The 1st house, the 5th house and the 9th house forming a triangle relative to the Ascendant and known as the Dharma-trikonas are auspicious bhavas wherein situated planets gain strength, the benefic planets become more benefic and the malefic planets tend to give good results.

The lords of these trikonasthanas are auspicious lords. According to the texts the 5th and the 9th house from the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna alone are the trikonasthanas — dharmatmajo trikono - Jataka Tattva Sutra I. Jupiter is the karaka significator of the 5th house. The Sun is the karaka of father and the 9th house.

These two bhavas complement each other and their significations are to be judged also from the navamsa-chart. Auspicious i. An exalted planet occupying any one of these bhavas indicates exceptional good fortune; the Moon becomes exalted in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Libra and Venus in Pisces sign. Natural malefics situated herein tend to destroy the good signified by these bhavas. Mars situated in the 5th house generally gives a miserable domestic life, misfortunes through children and ill-health, whereas Saturn gives an evil mind, stupidity, illness, poverty, sorrow through children, variable fortune etc.

Rahu though equally unfavourable makes one hard-hearted and unconventional, and Ketu , while proving bad in effects, gives one inclination towards spirituality. The kendrasthanas or the quadrants and the trikonasthanas or the trines not occupied by taragrahas the seven visible planets indicate a turbulent life; the chayagrahas the invisible Lunar Nodes alone tenanting the kendrasthanas cause immense pain. The lord of the 9th house is deemed to be a benefic at par with the lord of the lagna, if it happens to occupy a trikasthana i. Only those planets that are in the 9th house in conjunction with Mercury can give rise to Raja yoga and confer a position of power and authority but if they are devoid of any association with Mercury and Jupiter they do not make one fortunate and the person leads an ordinary life.

The lords of inauspicious bhavas tend to act as benefic planets when situated in the 9th house or in the 5th, the lords of the 8th and the 12th conjoining in the 9th or in the 5th give good results, in which event the lord of the 12th makes one rich and fortunate. If the Moon occupies the last navamsa of the sign and malefic planets are in the 5th and 9th without beneficial aspects the child dies immediately. If Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and Mars occupy the 12th, the 9th, the lagna and the 8th bhavas respectively unaspected by powerful Jupiter the child dies quickly.

Whereas Varahamihira reiterates that if the Moon conjoining with a malefic planet or malefic planets occupies the 5th, the 7th, the 9th, the 12th, the 1st or the 8th houses and is not aspected by or combined with powerful Venus, Mercury or Jupiter death comes early; Kalyan Verma refers to the very weak dark-half Moon producing this result. According to Kalyan Verma three or more planets conjoining with Mercury in the 9th house make one trustworthy, rich and a ruler but if the 9th house is occupied by planets other than Mercury and Jupiter they make one suffer from physical ailments, be unattractive in appearance, inhuman and mean, and even suffer incarceration.

Saturn or Mars or the Sun otherwise occupying or aspecting the 9th house do not tend to give good results but they can give rise to Raja yoga or confer much wealth. Vaidyanatha states that the son born during the antra-dasa of the lord of the 5th house conjoining with Rahu will be short-lived but the son born during the antra-dasa of Rahu will live long. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus Moksha is the hardest of achievement as it is the final one.

Such extremely rare phenomenon must also reflect in rarity in PC. Keeping this in my mind, it is easy to understand that most of us humans are having one weakness or other or all of them throughout life. Purity of heart, mind, and intellect is not easy to find in charts unless one has done intense spiritual sadhana in many life times to finally come to a birth in which realization is dawn. For most charts we can only see as to the soul has acquired some merits or otherwise.

Let us see his Punya chart if we can really corelate it with the fact of his spiritual life. Lagna lord Mercury is retrograde and rushing to merge in the Soul, the Sun.

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The combination is in philosophical Kumbha. Ketu is again Vargottama while moon is aspected only by benefic Venus in Navamansha. The moon-Ketu combination in Rashi is directly aspected by powerfully positive Sun. Vargottama Rahu is also with Sun but Sun is absolutely powerful as explained and hence the Sun-Rahu combination in this case mean, The cause of rebirth, the Rahu, the planet of delusion is getting dissolved in to the fire of Atman, the Sun. Jupiters influence on Moksha Trikona and lord mercurys condition discussed above are ample indicators of purity of heart.

Nakshatra Lord is Rahu is Vargottama. If I am not going too far, his utterance of final word as Kali is justifiable with 2nd Lord Moon in Kumbha aspected by Rahu and female planet venues in 2nd? Readers may decide on it themselves. Interestingly, when Thakur departed, Mala yoga was formed starting with Saturn in Lagna and ending with Mars in 5th as if the heavenly beings were welcoming him with Vijay Mala. It is a very special Punya chart which gives us lot of Parameters in our efforts to understand PC w. Spiritual state of the Jiva.

Raman Maharshi is also a famous spiritual giant who chose major part of life to remain silent and encourage spiritual aspirants for the Inquire of Self - Who am I? Ketu is influencing strong Moon in trine in Meena rashi gives indication of his final thoughts connected to Moksha. Moon is one rashi behind the Sun indicative of Mind on the verge of getting dissolved in to the Atman.

This gives us the clue that One of the brightest of Stars has passed away. This one point alone should dispel any doubt in the mind of skeptics that he was a spiritual giant. Both the planets are again strengthen having own house aspect of Saturn and icing on the cake is that All the 3 are in great strength in Navamansha. Similar to Thakurs pc, strong Jupiter is influencing Moksha Trikona. Without doubt, he possessed one of the purest of hearts which must be Gods own abode. The above analysis is sufficient to understand shri Raman Maharshis spiritual evolvement and final merging of his soul into the universal soul is a highly possible.

Both are retrograde. Here Jupiter has again influence on Moksha Trikona. Venus is conjoined Mars. Now the interesting thing is that Mars- Venus combination is Dharma-Karmadhipati yoga and aspected by Jupiter. And Swamijis heart seems to have bubbling with this energy to remove all the Sinner tendencies Paap Purusha from entire universe. And if it is really so, we all must feel grateful. His one of the very best teaching was Like a child, forget the wrong done to you immediately.

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Dont harbor any hatred against anyone in your heart. His last preaching before passing away was Happiness can only come when Individual merges in the God. Nakshatra Lord is Ketu again with Vargottama strength. Sun is placed in 4th aspected by Ketu from 10th. Jupiter in Meena Lagna, Moon in 2nd can show it?

Readers may look at this. He lived the life of a learned Pundit, who was Jnaani as well as ascetic and also giver of knowledge of Vedanta. Rahu in 7th aspected strongly by Mars indicates shri Aurobindos desire to come back. Mars is Vargottama along with mercury coupled with 4th lord Jupiter in Kumbha Dhanu Navamansha without doubt indicates his sharpest logic, his philosophical pursuits and his truly patriotic feelings.

All the three were Genuine Patriotic who had burning love for mother land. So it seems Maharshi Aurobindo, likely to be a perfected soul who still desired to comeback. Summarizing mainly the repetitive astrological factors in all the PC Chart of Spiritual Giants, we can note following common points. Typically conjoined or aspected by Jupiter or Venus or both.


Lets take following example of a person whom I knew very well. That changed his direction of life. Though he kept doing work for the survival of his family, he started doing Gayatri Mantra Japa intensely, that triggered the latent spiritual tendencies within him. He kept on working to stabilize his new started business with same truthfulness, kept on giving donations for the study of poor children even if he has very little earnings , kept on doing his Gayatri Japa till his physical end and last years of life saw the glimpses of Vairagya in him.

Taking a week off, he used to go to a hill in outskirts with some like minded people to live the life seclusion, performing Japa, Gayatri yagna and thinking about God whole week. He visited a marriage function in different town with his wife. Moon is in own Nakshatra. Jupiter is in Kumbha in D9 again aspecting moon. Ketu is Vargottama in own house. Mars is exalted in Navamansha. Jupiter though exalted and aspecting Moon doesnt influence Venus in the 4th by aspect not even Rashi aspect this indicates to me that though purification process of his Hriday Bhavana had started and seems to be very near to completely free of impurities, had not reached to the level on enlightenment.

But it is my intuition that enlightenment of his soul is not far, may be another one or two births. They are in good strength but are not strongly connected to each other and missing the influence on 4th house or lord. The situation is not as perfect as it was observed in perfected souls which are also suggestive that he has to continue on his spiritual path for some more time. Lets try to see some features of his Punya Chakra.

Part 4: Moksha Trikona - The Four Triangles of Astrology.

Sun is exalted in Navamansha. It is evident that within short period after his death, his two sons split but powerful Rajayoga has seen flourishing of his both the Sons as they are among Indias top 3 richest. This chart shows some interesting things. It is like a paradox. Dhirubhai was feared by most politicians, Burocrates as well as competitors in business. Though he must have used shoddy means in his journey, his intentions and dreams were lofty.

It seems to me that his ruthless handling and cunning ways would have been with those who were themselves not saintly or simple people. It is also a very well known fact that he helped many during his life without any publicity. I request readers to themselves have a good look at the chart Following are the example of prominent Political personalities who died un-natural death by bullets, Accident or Bomb-blasts. Another Maraka Sun 2nd lord in 7th, and aspected by Saturn. Thus 2 Maraka planets afflict Lagna as well as 7th.

All the Paap Graha in Kendra without benefics causing Sarpa yoga. Saturn-Mars also afflict 8th house. Beside basic combinations of Un-natural death given above, look at the conglomeration of many unfortunate placements of planets w. Even mercury in 4th is in MK resulting in to the complete destruction of gross body.

He also desired to die in a popular holy place surrounded by Hills and his wish came true. This also can show death in un-consciousness. Thus Mind possessing mixed influences but more on positive sides. Sun same way with Saturn but exalted in Navamansha showing strength with affliction. In own lineage is also possibility as Jupiter is 2nd lord. All in all native really does seem to have accumulated good Samskaaras in life to have a fortunate rebirth on earth.

A peasant by profession, he was well respected in entire village as well as community but still humble. He was known as a person of wisdom who tried to bridge the gap between people and believed in brotherhood. Both the Lagna lords are strong in Dharma Trikona.

Goals Of Life According To Bhavas: Meaning & Houses

The native died exactly on the Bhishma-Prayan day in Brahma muhurt. The above factor shows that he had lived a life which could be better in the judgment of almighty. He himself didnt know his birthday. However, Shri Rajmohan Gandhi Grandson of Gandhi ji who wrote Sardars biography was some how able to find out that his birth day was either Now lets come to the chart as it is the only way with us to really understand one of the real all time heroes of India.

Both the planets are powerful and well aspected in D9.