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If these two are going to form a romantic bond, they need to make allowances for their different styles. As friends, the Snake and Rat do better. The Snake is content to let the Rat take center stage, while he or she operates behind the scenes. Both are adept at making money and would succeed in business together. The Rat could develop clever marketing strategies, while the Snake can create the proper ambiance for the venture.

The Snake is also adept at hiring people, sensing which candidates will flourish in the organization. The Rat will be content to let the Snake take periodic vacations, while the Rat sticks around and takes care of the day-to-day operations. Sexually, the Snake and Rat are well suited.

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The Snake knows just what excites the imaginative Rat, and is always coming up with new games to play in the bedroom. The Rat should be warned, though, that sex and love are not synonymous to the Snake. The Snake has no problem slithering into the darkness after a night of passion. The sexy Snake and the steady Ox can make a match if they put their minds to it. Neither of these signs is looking for a pretty face -- these folks want a partner with depth.

The Ox wants a lover who will be physically and emotionally faithful. While the Snake is steadfast in their affections, this sign has problems sticking with one sexual partner. As friends, the Snake and Ox get along swimmingly. The Snake chooses his or her associates carefully, and the Ox is one of the few signs that make the cut.

These two love tradition, and have lots of fun throwing holiday parties and observing special rituals together. With regard to sex, the Snake and Ox have a satisfying relationship. So long as the Ox keeps lavishing the Snake with praise and adoration, these two could form a union that lasts a lifetime.

Although these two signs admire each other, they may have a hard time forming a lasting romantic bond. Although both are laid-back lovers of life, each is intent on marching to the beat of their own drummer.

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The steadfast Snake refuses to break their stride for the impulsive Tiger. Nothing enrages the Tiger more than a disobedient lover. Yes, these two are undeniably attractive, and turn heads wherever they go. If one member of the duo gets more attention than the other, though, resentment will set in. It will be a challenge to balance these two giant egos.

The Snake and Tiger fare better as friends.

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Both are fond of traveling to far-flung places, and can have lots of fun taking vacations together. The Snake has a knack for ferreting out hidden beauty spots, while the Tiger is able to get into the most exclusive clubs. When the Snake falls prey to one of their black moods, the independent Tiger should head off on their own.

Taking occasional breaks will lengthen the life of this friendship. As far as sex is concerned, these two have some work to do. The Snake prefers slow, sensual lovemaking, whereas the Tiger wants robust, frenzied encounters. This could be a deal-breaker for the Tiger, who prizes loyalty above all else. Loving your Chinese compatibility? One is bold and the other is timid. The first is extravagant and the second is frugal. The Snake is confident and the Rabbit is anxious.

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Although these two signs are opposites in many ways, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Snake and Rabbit make excellent friends, as well as lovers. The Rabbit, on the other hand, can help the Snake view emotionally charged situations with cool detachment. Sexually, the Snake and Rabbit get along wonderfully well.

These two like talking about sex almost as much as doing it. Therefore, the former will help the latter loosen up. Both signs have fragile egos, and need lots of praise and encouragement in order to perform well. The Snake and Dragon make a wonderful romantic match. These two love playing cat-and-mouse, knowing that this game always ends in a good bedroom tussle. In terms of friendship, the Snake and Dragon get along very well, too.

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These two enjoy taking gambles of all kinds: creative, emotional, and financial. The Dragon is naturally lucky, and can stumble across lots of golden opportunities. You cannot judge a Snake by its cover. Their slow and lazy talking hides their fast-paced thinking. Behind their calmness, they are alert and observant. Men born in the Snake year are mysterious and experienced. They are gentle and know how to say the right things. In an awkward situation, they can always be depended on to crack a joke.

Different from others, these men believe in romance. They often give their significant other sweet surprises. They are also creative and empathetic. However, they crave to be the center of attention and easily become jealous. This makes it harder for them to socialize. Women born in the Snake year are graceful and elegant.

They are beautiful, both inside and out. Their confidence is manifested in their high fashion and appreciation for classic art. They have high standards for friends. They desire for wealth and power. However, their greatest fault is their jealousy. They cannot stand seeing others who are more successful. This becomes motivation to work harder and become better though. Monkey and Snake make up the most compatible pair. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Therefore, they can reach harmony. Snake and Rooster seem very different, but they are quite compatible.

They fit well with Oxen as well. A Snake gives Oxen warmth and romance, and receives a reliable anchor in return. It's hard for a Snake and Tiger to sympathize and understand each other. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness. Snakes are also incompatible with Pigs. They can work well together, but there isn't much trust in a relationship. They are great improvisers. They will do well in competitive fields such as emcees and competitive sports. They also have their own unique methods. For people like this, management and leadership positions are the best.

Because of this, they are not fit for careers where they cannot express their opinions. Routine and standardized jobs are not for them. Still, Snakes must learn to listen. Consider the thoughts of others and combine it with their own ideas. This is the way to long-lasting success in the workplace. However, Snakes are extremely picky eaters.

They will stuff themselves with their favorites and not even consider a balanced diet.

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This will inevitably lead to some health problems. Snakes also keep their complaints inside. The bottled up emotions can cause stress and anxiety.

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Women also need to pay attention to their urinary system. The Year of the Rat does not bring much to look forward to for Snakes. While not as unlucky as the Horse, you will still need to be on your guard against suspicious behavior. On the other hand, fortune will come to you in the form of a friend or business associate. If you can put aside your misgivings, luck will seek you out. Success will be possible for those who put in the effort.

Snakes may see a slight improvement in their career compared to the previous year. You'll notice some categories have only one match while others may have several matches for a single category. While this method is more difficult to remember or memorize, it tends to be more accurate and takes into account that all things are not always equal in the human equation. You can use the above chart by first exploring your ideal match in your search for the best compatibility in a marriage partner.

These tend to have a proven track record for good and enduring marriages. The next section reveals possible good matches for your sign. A good match might not be the ideal or perfect match, but it also has a good track record for a long-lasting and happy marriage. The couple might not be as yin and yang as the ideal matches but are still a good balance of chi energy. The other two categories of difficult match and worst match are self-explanatory.

While you aren't being told not to marry someone with one of these zodiac signs, it does signal that there may be some rocky times within these relationships that may not survive as well as the other two groupings. Just remember there are always exceptions to any rule. Use these as guidelines when there are no emotions yet attached to someone whose zodiac sign might not be the right yin or yang to yours. These few examples of the Ideal Match demonstrates how the chart can help you in determining if a Chinese zodiac sign is the marriage match you need.

Look at the different characteristics of each sign and see how they can complement the other. You may need to read between the lines to see exactly how these sign can fit together to create an ideal marriage. You'll notice that out of all the signs, the Pig seems to be most compatible with the other signs. This is because the pig tends to be a very generous sign, sometimes to a fault, making it one of the most eligible signs for a marriage match.