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Sunday, October 13 brings a full moon in fire sign Aries. Geminis know how to talk, but this animalistic night in bossy Aries will help you ask for exactly what you want in the bedroom. Remember those desires we're acting on this month? Tonight is a night to bring them alive. Light some candles and keep a window open with a view of the full moon if possible. Scorpio season begins on Wednesday, October 23 , so get ready for lots of sex. This is also a period which has the potential to be highly fruitful for your career and professional life if you're willing to put in the sweat.

Gemini Horoscope Fresh Forecast Taking You From November to December !

In particular, if you're working on new projects or ideas, use the new moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October 27 to begin to put your ideas into motion. While other signs get thrown off by the intensity of this sign's energy, Gemini understands the season's eccentricities and deep-rooted drive for success. Projects started during this time have lasting ability. Just remember to proofread your emails as Mercury retrograde begins on Thursday, October Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, Venus moving into your work sphere lends you hypnotic magnetism in this zone for the next month.

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Utilize the extra charm to negotiate work conditions, pay, or duties, or get those bright ideas across the line. Deepen existing relationships, especially with women who have your back. In terms of health and daily routine, mutual appreciation and convivial connection with colleagues are your paths to self-care. Buy yourself flowers, book a pamper session, or take time out to immerse in that novel sitting on your nightstand.

Venus moving into sister water sign Scorpio turns up the sizzle in your romance zone. Do what you love this week and it will support your glow. Make the most of her passage through your zone of fun and dating by utilizing your charged emotional magnetism to attract exactly what you want. Feel into your ultimate vision of love and self-expression to set your sights.

Gemini 💲 Career 💰 Money 💰 Finance 💲 October 2019 💚

Your friends may shock you with some surprise ideas or revelations. Although challenging, this is an opportunity to expand your mind.

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Feel an electric connection with someone that you consider "just a friend"? Keep an open mind on this one.

If coupled, this connection could simply stimulate your creative spirit, so allow whatever it is rather than try to fit it into an expectation of what it "should" look like. Bring some tender love and care to your nest this week, Leo, as home is where the heart is. Use your creative flair to vamp up your space—consider seasonal velvet and a deep rich color palette. Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes a lightning strike of inspiration, new, mind-expanding ways of viewing the world. If a big opportunity to stretch your reach and unique personal ideology float on by, fish it out!

Expect a mental mind-quake as a second hit later in the week thunders home a personal revelation. Perhaps an international woman or teacher parts the waters of knowledge or a sudden chance converts to dollars. Quick expansion can mean growth of what we think we are worth and even capable of. The B-word for this week is boundaries. Being the best partner you can be means knowing yourself and your identity as a solo person first and foremost. Back yourself by standing by your decisions. Boundaries are sexy. Venus moves into your sign this week, amping up your sultry glow.

Gemini Career Horoscope

Sudden changes in your relationship or a high-vibe person may notice your magnetic charm, so be ready for some exciting changes. Hence, make a decision with a calm mind so that you do not end up in something utterly traumatic. People belonging to this sign have to be very cautious in all the minute details of their business reflects your Gemini Career Horoscope.

Small things can lead to bigger issues. Some steps that you take during this year can turn out to be detrimental to your business. Be very slow and precise with whatever you do. Keep a track of everything that is occurring and make alternative changes to save you from further trouble, says your Gemini predictions for Invest money with prior research and calculations. Make sure no mistake takes place at this time. Try and keep all the negativity out and focus on the positive.

Even if something is pulling you down, do not give up and move through it. Your Gemini career horoscope states the year can be the best, so grab everything that comes in your way. This will lead to humongous benefits and opportunities for you.