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This site contains weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes. Forecast. Cancer So, The last year of the Teenies and the bridge to the Twenties – a decade that will . High points: 10 March; 3 June; 19 October; 12 November; 26 December.

Channel your inner phoenix and rise above the ashes. As you do, new pathways will open for you. The Universe will start aligning you with people and circumstances that support your growth, and help you transcend to the next level. Use this time to recharge on a mental, emotional and physical level. Take pleasure in slowing down, and in enjoying each and every moment.

You just have to allow yourself to discover it. Cosmic tip: Give yourself the time you need to recharge on a mental, emotional and physical level.

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How blessed you are to be with somebody who not only supports your journey, but also believes in your dreams—maybe even a little more than you do sometimes! If you have been holding yourself back for some reason, know that it is safe for you to open up and share what is in your heart. Your relationship will only grow from strength to strength. Cosmic tip: How blessed you are to be with somebody who waters you and supports your growth. Your body and soul are not separate. If somebody is in only for the benefits, indulge at your own risk. Post-coital detachment is but a myth.

Coupled Librans, making love is an art form. The mind has no business in matters of the heart, Scorpio. What you want to do instead: close your eyes and take a deep breath. Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to reconnect with your core. You already have the answer you are looking for.

Growth and evolution are a constant in your world. Allow yourself to let go of the parts that no longer serve you, that do not feel in alignment with your higher self. It is only by shedding the old skin that you will find the strength to come into your own. Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to let go of the parts that do not feel in alignment with your higher self. But what are you fighting for? And is this issue worth going to war?

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Remember, every time you pick up the sword, it is your own peace of mind that you are messing with. The thing is, you will be triggered. You just have to keep reminding yourself you are bigger than this. Don't forget that people will remember not just your words, but also how you made them feel.

But what about you , Aquarius? What are you gaining from this experience?

Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, January 26

Cosmic tip: Ask for what you deserve. You need to be compensated fairly for the work you put in. That adrenaline rush you have been craving for is finally here. After a particularly slow week, things are finally gaining momentum. There are lots of interesting projects and collaborations coming your way. Time management is key.


Remember, the more grounded your energy is, the better you will be able to perform. For some, travel for work may be on the cards. There is plenty of air to fuel your fire today. You are able to get quite a bit done.

Multi-tasking is a key ingredient to accomplishing what you want to get accomplished today. There is an element of the unexpected that is likely to add a surprising dimension to the day. You are able to communicate freely to others and you will most likely be on the same page with the people you come in contact with today. Gain the confidence you need with the help of our experts. Today you may be in an especially nurturing mood, and you might find yourself reaching out to every living thing around you, from plants to pets to friends, children and romantic partners.

There is, however, a tendency to be too helpful and supportive, which some might find stifling. Your loved ones like to see you relaxed and happy, so channel some of this energy into indulging yourself; go for a massage or other treat. Live a little! Gain the insight and clarity you deserve with the help of our experts. Yours is often a quiet and even reclusive nature, when it comes to expressing your feelings.

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However, you may find that today is an exception. The aspects that are occurring can bring a real strength to your communication ability and you'd be wise to seize the opportunity. Take steps to express your feelings at work or at home by initiating conversation. Words will come much easier than usual and if there are problems to handle, you'll likely find resolve. Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here! Watch out for the ugly green monster today.

Daily Horoscope: January 25th - January 26th

It can rear up before you get the word "jealousy" out of your mouth if you're not on guard for it. Almost all situations that cause this feeling are born out of insecurity. If you aren't secure in your job, relationship, or family, and feel threatened by someone else, it's time to take a look at the root cause.

Consider why you don't feel as solid as you could. What's causing the insecurity for you? Look for answers rather than lashing out.